Don’t blame the religions. Blame those leaders who exploit religions for their vested interest and try to push us into an abyss.

While we seek God’s grace, let us show our grace to others.

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“Because of fear or ignorance, followers of one religion often regard their own beliefs, customs, and rituals as particularly holy while declaring those of others to be farcical, preposterous, and repugnant. For centuries, leaders around the world with vested interests have exploited religious differences for their political and materialistic gains, and spawned humanity’s miserable history of religious warfare and persecution.”*

“Water droplets are pure when they start as rain, but by the time they hit the roof and reach the ground through the gutters, they can get dirty because of the medium they pass through. Similarly, religions can be defiled by the medium through which they manifest.”*

(* Extract from book “#Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace,” page 171)

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Why a new book on Hinduism?

I am an aeronautical engineer who spent 37-years in the aviation industry, and even published a book in 2010 covering an aspect of Boeing-Airbus competition. So, what am I doing writing an analytical book on this five-thousand-year old Hinduism that has over a billion followers on this planet?

The story goes back nearly 45-years to 1968 when an English family asked me about my upbringing, my faith, and my understanding of Christianity. At the time, I was a young eighteen-year-old excited to be in London after having won a four-year full scholarship from the British government to study aeronautical engineering in England.

While growing up in Nepal, I just followed the rituals without thinking much about the religion. Not only did I not know about Christianity, but I also did not know much about my own ancestral faith. As I could not carry an intelligent conversation about my faith, all I could do was ramble incoherently.

As I mention in my book, the London experience and my incoherent rambling had left an indelible impression on my mind. I promised myself to learn more about my own faith, and to also explore Christianity.

Because Hinduism is not a proselytizing religion, it has no need to hone the message or create easy-to-follow steps to attract new converts to the faith. Moreover, the flexibility within Hinduism can sometimes be overwhelming; its philosophical reasoning can be excessively subtle and often intellectually profound. Although it is my ancestral faith and I was raised into it, I found getting to the crux of Hinduism more challenging than I anticipated.

Interestingly, some motivational speakers and authors in the United States appear to have taken spiritual elements of Hinduism and infused them with other contemporary ideas, faiths, or beliefs. As a result, in the last few decades, many in the West may have been exposed to the elements of Hinduism without being fully aware of it.

Most of the books I found on Hinduism were either too elementary or too profound to comprehend. As I could not find a book that gave me an overall insight of the faith in a logical manner, analytically captured its essence and showed how the different elements of Hinduism fitted together, in October 2010, I decided to write a book myself. Besides addressing the historical trajectories that have shaped various faiths, the book also highlights the common spiritual thread that connects Hinduism with Buddhism and Christianity.

I hope this book gives a fresh perspective on Hinduism, a faith that respects and honors all other faiths as it perceives them as alternative paths leading to the same ultimate truth.

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